Who are live streams available for?
The vast majority of OrientTV live-streams are only available to supporters outside the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Channel Isles due to the EFL’s broadcasting agreement and UEFA blocked broacasting hours.

However, a small number of matches will be available to viewers domestically.
What games won’t be available on OrientTV?
Due to EFL broadcasting regulations, OrientTV is not allowed to live stream FA Cup and Carabao Cup fixtures as well as matches chosen for Sky Sports or Overseas transmission. Audio commentary however will still be available for these fixtures.
Who provides the live audio commentary?
OrientTV will continue to have live audio commentary as provided by BBC Radio London, hosted primarily by Dave Victor.
When will packages become available to purchase?
Packages for live-matches will become available roughly a week before the day of the game.

Only the relevant packages will be shown to users in the UK (i.e. live video packages for games that fall within the blocked broadcasting hours will only be shown to users outside of the UK and Ireland).
How much does OrientTV cost?
Video on demand is free for all users with a registered account.

Live content has several different packages:

A season-long live video package for users outside the UK and Ireland is available to purchase at the early-bird price of £110.

Live audio packages can be bought worldwide at a season-long price of £45 and a monthly price of £4.49.
Does OrientTV work on mobile?
Live match content cannot be played via mobile devices at this moment in time, as per EFL regulations.

You must have access to a desktop or laptop computer in order to watch live video feeds.
I am having issues?
Please contact O’s Media Manager, Elliot Byrne at e.byrne@leytonorient.net, who will be best placed to assist with your problem.